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Writing a Successful Research Paper: A Simple Approach

Read the sources and evaluate them from your point of view. The next step involves the process of sequencing, grouping, as well as documenting of useful information on the topic. There are some tips which can help you at this stage of writing:. After analyzing the information you should write down your own statement or thesis.

Make it short. Just one sentence. It should be like your special declaration and it should contain your thoughts and beliefs. The outlining is the most important part of the writing process. All parts of the outline of your research paper should be related to the single topic. It will ensure your dedication to the topic during the work. You should definitely include an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion in your outline. This part of the research paper can show your thesis statement as well as the clear purpose of your work to the reader.

In the introduction, you should answer the question what is the main reason for your paper? Why are you going to write it? Show your plan and your approach to the topic. In the outline, you can make a brief review of the points which you plan to show in your research.

So in your introduction, you should:. This is the main part of the research paper. Here you should present your experiments and their results, all your arguments and all facts which can support your main statement.

Start with a strong argument. After that, use the argument which is stronger. And you should finish the research paper with the strongest argument.

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Here are some tips on writing the body:. It is the part of the research paper which is restating or rewording your main thesis. Here you should summarize all your arguments and explain how and why you have come to this point of view and this conclusion. Remember that if some argument or a particular point of your view in your paper is too complex, you need to summarize the information on this argument for your reader. Move from a lower detailed stage to a general level.

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You should organize all the information which you have gathered and read on your topic according to your outline. Use only reliable sources, always check for accuracy of the information which will be analyzed in the research paper. If you want to write a trusted research paper verify factual information and use correct and up-to-date data. In fact, you need to present bibliography information in your research paper. So you will need notes. You need to track all sources which you use and all key information about them.

Organize your notes and write down bibliographical information for every paragraph which is cited.

How to Write Conclusion for Research Paper: Best Tips

On this step of the research paper writing, you need to read your whole paper and check it for content errors, mechanical and syntactic mistakes. Arrange ideas and points according to your outline. You can also reorganize your outline if it is necessary. This work as any other kind of work demands planning.

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First, think about the way in which you can present all your points and ideas. Before the beginning of the work, try to put yourself in the reader's place and many things will become clear. You should understand which information you should give to the reader and with which facts he may be familiar. When you are looking for a good topic, try to choose a subject which you can manage. When you gather your research materials and resources, write down their bibliographic information remember author, title, publisher, date and place of publication, as well as page numbers.

This information will come in handy in the future. Once the thesis statement has been finalized, the planning process follows. This entails coming up with an outline of how the research results will be presented. The outline is the first step towards organizing ideas of the paper. A reader can get a good idea of the paper by simply reading through the outline.

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Basically, the outline is like a summary of what is presented in the paper. A vital part of the research and planning process entails taking proper notes of ideas and information that is sourced. As someone goes through the preliminary research process, it is advisable to write some notes down for purposes of future reference.

This might seem like a waste of time but studies have shown that writing the final paper will be much faster if the ideas have already been written or marked down. Writing is the most demanding, tedious, and vital segment. Experts assert the importance of coming up with an outline to ensure that the writing is streamlined. If possible it is also necessary to offer a review of the research process and use research methodologies that are relevant to the topic under consideration.

Many students often skip this step. It is actually one of the most important. However, most students find it boring. Proofreading a paper helps in finding mistakes. It becomes easier to correct them before making the final submission. Studies have shown that students who proofread and edit their papers often tend to be the most successful.

Once the writing is complete and everything has been checked for consistency, the final step entails submission of the academic paper.

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This should be done within the deadline that has been stipulated by the instructor. Your email address will not be published.

How to Write a Successful Research Paper | The College Essayist

Choose and Narrow Down On a Topic In most cases, instructors will give their students some lists of possible themes and questions. Brainstorm Once a topic has been found, the other step entails brainstorming or thinking. Conduct Effective Research The research is what determines the development of the academic paper. Create the Basic Outline Once the thesis statement has been finalized, the planning process follows. Take Notes A vital part of the research and planning process entails taking proper notes of ideas and information that is sourced.

Write Writing is the most demanding, tedious, and vital segment. Edit and Proofread Your Work Many students often skip this step.