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They advise Tom to excuse himself rather than see Lord Guilford Dudley. Tom asks to be alone in his room. He is exasperated when people undress him.

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He regrets their presence, and so do they. The Lord Hertford and St. John discuss the situation. John wonders if it is possible that he is not the prince.

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The boy is different and lacks knowledge of things the prince should know. To not obey it is treason. John promises to not speak of it again. Lord Hertford says it is Edward.

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Madness can alter a person. Still, he begins to wonder if Edward has a twin that could change places with him. About Mark Twain. Chapter 1.

Chapter 2. Chapter 3.

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    Summary Chapter 2. The boys were born on the same day. The setting is a London with both run down slums and the mansions of wealthy merchants and members of nobility. Edward and Tom represent these two very different sides of life.

    Edward was born into royalty and welcomed into the elite family. Tom, on the other hand,is the unwanted child of a father who beats him and forces him to beg in the streets. When among other children, Tom frequently imagines himself as a prince. What education he has was imparted to him by the priest Father Andrew who lives in the same house.

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    Prince and the pauper essay questions

    Tom sets off one day with the hope of encountering Prince Edward. He goes to the royal area of England and approaches closer than is permitted;he is sent away by a guard. Tom tells Edward of his dream of being a prince. They trade clothing and realize that they are identical to each other in appearance.

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    The displaced Edward wanders around, unable to convince anyone that he is, in fact, their prince. Tom, meanwhile, although the palace believes him to be the prince, obviously is not familiar with royal protocol and is thought to be suffering from some sort of madness. Tom continues to pretend to be the prince, as by this point, he is too afraid to admit the truth about what has happened.

    During a period of illness, King Henry had entrusted the Great Seal of the kingdom to Edward for safekeeping. When he asks for its return, Tom says he has no idea about it and that he does not know where it is.