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Marketers must adapt and embrace new technologies and tactics in order to attract leads or even delight their customers. And in order to make ROI, building highly effective campaigns is a must. Anthony Miles, is an entrepreneur, an award-winning researcher, award-winning professor, legal expert witness and best-selling author.

Factors affecting the Effectiveness of Tourism Advertising Campaigns in the UK

Miles is a nationally known expert in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He has over 20 years in the retail, banking, and financial services industry. First, marketing metrics is important because they tend to measure output things in terms of effectiveness. In the past marketing departments could not measure the effectiveness of ads, PR and events. So you could not justify the cost of the marketing efforts.

With metrics, they can gauge related to the number of things you produce.

Advertisement Thesis

For example, operational metrics that would measure sales per region or cost per customer and help you see what the cost per customer is. Also, you literally have to customize your metrics because they are only useful in your company. Based on a company I was doing some consulting work for, I know there are at least plus different metrics that measure different things.

There are different industries, different sales trends and different customer segments.

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So you need to be careful about applying metrics to your business. The second is a new trend: Predictive Analytics.

Much more than documents.

Predictive analytics involves using statistics to examine and determine patterns in data. As a researcher and statistician, now I have to use more predictive analytics and regression modeling in my consulting and research with companies. Analytics help find patterns that companies can use to predict and understand customer behavior.

For example, predictive analytics can help to understand and predict customer behavior such as shopping habits and purchasing trends.

Data is the new gold! Lastly, now another trend is emerging with marketers and marketing departments. This simple statistic will help you evaluate the overall rate of growth of your business.

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There are other metrics that are also highly important, but this one will provide a telling view from 30, feet. As successful marketing practitioners, we share many metrics with our clients that prove success, but the true measure of marketing effectiveness is sales outcomes.


The campaign was so phenomenally successful because it created red carpet feel of access and targeted the emotive drivers in the human mind. The impact of our scientific approach, also helped raise the most money for the Evans Scholars Foundation, the sole beneficiary of the BMWC — essentially the sales equivalent for the nonprofit industry. By figuring out what is the projected profit your business makes from a customer over time, you can then figure out how much you can actually spend to acquire and retain a new customer.

Ramon Khan is a Sales and Marketing expert with a passion for helping businesses grow. Click through rates or response rates are great information to look at but if they do not result in revenue for the business, then you might be spinning your wheels and not getting any real traction. The only way that you would focus on other metrics for a longer period of time is if your response rate is very high but just not converting well. This is when conversion optimization kicks in.

Otherwise, I think the single most important measure of effectiveness is if it has an overall impact in revenue. Of course happy customers is the single most important aspect to any business. That said being said, businesses do not operate in a non-profit way so ROI should always be taken into account. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Erin thrives in conceptualizing, creating and cultivating brands.

Erin is thrilled to be part of the launch team, taking part in building a product and a brand that is reinventing relocation utilizing technology. As the leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group and recurring guest speaker at Loyola University Chicago, she finds joy in helping others pursue their goals through effective marketing. The easy to use interface allows you to aggregate all of your marketing efforts in one place, giving you numerical-proven insight into exactly what is and is not working.

The depth that the information goes into in the platform is simply invaluable — it drives everything that our team does. Long gone are the days when Marketing was viewed as arts and crafts — and this is largely due to platforms such as HubSpot. Marketing has shifted to a completely data-driven industry, powered by conversion rates, click-to-open percentages, SEO, keyword analytics, and submission rates. HubSpot not only allows you to see all of these metrics, but it guides you through the whole process with a robust knowledge center.

HubSpot has transformed our company into a marketing powerhouse. Robyn leads community marketing and business operations for Mariposa. She has been managing online communities for 17 years. She authored the Community Certification program at GetSatisfaction. Michael Riley is co-founder of Boxter and previously founded the startup Simplpost.

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Follow him on Twitter: itsatechworld. Calculate the return on investment using three factors. The lifetime value LTV of a new customer. What call to action CTA converted them to a paying customer. And what it cost to get that customer into our funnel CAC. Having those three pieces of data allows us to make smarter marketing decisions and gives us the entire big picture.

Since joining Metropolis in , Sharon has led all channel marketing programs, communication, and product strategy. She is passionate about customer engagement and on-going improvement. We use Salesforce CRM to record and manage our lead sources, and track their sales path whether they come from a trade show, email campaign, advertisement or inbound web lead. At the end of the day, it all comes back to ensuring the leads are resulting in qualified sales, which we easily do by running campaign reports out of Salesforce. Pratibha graduated from Cornell University with a B.

As a startup, it is important for your marketing strategies to be effective.

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Are we producing enough content to keep our visitors engaging? Unique visitors will help achieve our marketing strategy of getting our name into the market. We would like to see a significant increase in our unique visitors. Engagement is a significant indicator of how effective your marketing campaign is because it takes into account how your content has been perceived and used by users; it is also trackable.

Brand Awareness — type your brand name into Google and Twitter and see what people are saying. Are there positive comments and reviews, or are there negative statements you need to address? Either way, it gives you a glimpse into how your brand is perceived. Well it is true! People only share what they want to share and they share it because the content has something that is relevant to them in some way. Discovering who is sharing your content offers marketers great insight into demographics, target audience and reach. Commenting — When people comment on your website, it give marketers the chance to engage with them.

If you compare two blog posts, one that has comments vs. Inbound links — The number of external links to your website from other relevant, authoritative sites indicates that other people have found your content and consider it a valuable resource or reference. The KPIs report should give a clear picture of the dynamics of the crucial numbers to the business. I would like to point out a metric that we give a top priority to. The following ratio gets the closest to Return of Investment ROI , as the ultimate marketing principle.