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In addition, the student may be asked questions on subjects covered in coursework or other questions that are designed to determine the student's depth and breadth of knowledge in the subject area. Examinations are not usually administered between semesters or sessions. All final examinations are open to the public and faculty members are encouraged to attend and participate in such meetings.

Students should bring at least one copy of the final dissertation draft and supporting materials to the defense for review by non-committee members. Students are responsible for reserving a space for the final defense and arranging for and setting up any equipment required for the final presentation. Students should verify several days before the exam that the advisor has received notification and take appropriate measures to verify the exam schedule with the Graduate School if notification has not been received.

Not more than two opportunities to pass any one examination are allowed. Students failing any of the mandatory examinations two times will be dropped from the university. Skip to main content. Search form.

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Thesis Defense and Graduation Procedures

Dissertation Defense. Pre-defense and Draft Dissertation In most cases, students will undergo a closed pre-defense presentation with members of their committee, followed by a revision period during which they will address any concerns raised by their committee about the scope or quality of their work. So whatever you do, do not panic. After the committee is done with this session, you will be asked to leave and they will deliberate your fate.

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My anecdotal account of my defense goes like this: they decided to stay in their deliberation for about 10 minutes longer JUST to make me squirm and sweat. Just exhale, relax, and try not to stress out. Unless something really disasterous happened during your defense, you can almost be assured that you have accomplished your goal.

Other than that, it is time to rejoice. You have done a significant accomplishment that was not easy, and took years of hard work and sacrifice. In the eyes of many, you are now a Physicist! However, is that all there is?

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You can go out now and work as a Physicist? If only life is that simple and straightforward.

Make a Presentation

In the next chapter, we will go back in time to approximately one year from your joyous occasion at completing your studies. Don't forget to prep for the snake fight portion of your PhD defense. That's the part that often comes back to bite you :wink:. My advice: publish three Phys Rev Letters and your thesis defense will be more like a victory lap.

Prepare scientifically

That's the part that often comes back to bite you :wink:Could you explain which part of the thesis defense that's supposed to refer to? Could you explain which part of the thesis defense that's supposed to refer to? Does your university not require you to fight a snake in order to graduate?

I'm an undergrad. There are old stories passed around among grad students about the monster PhD oral defense. The nice one is from Cliff Stoll, the author of this. And they kept asking him "can you be more specific?

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Which was really all on topic for a visible light astronomer. After he was done he was exhausted but very happy. And he passed. The not nice story involves a candidate being asked to estimate the number of barbers in Canada. There are multiple endings to that story. In one ending the candidate refused on the basis it had nothing to do with his thesis.

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Part A has him being failed for refusing. Part B has him being passed because it was unrelated to his thesis. Part C has him making an estimate, which was wildly wrong but showed a reasonable attempt to get an order of magnitude, and the candidate passing.

So you should be sure you understand the rules for your defense. And these are different from one school to the next. One can say that preparing for your defense begins the day you enter the graduate program.

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In particular you do not want a faculty member on your board with whom you have crossed swords at some time. In reflecting on my defense and DEvens post I may have dodged a bullet or a snake having made a more or less public criticism of the teaching ability of a faculty member in my first year. Luckily he was either not selected, never got wind of it, forgot about it or was a mensch about it for he did not sit in on my defense. You must be logged in to post a comment. PhD Physics Accelerator physics, photocathodes, field-enhancement.

How to Get a Physics Job! Publishing in a Physics Journal Addendum. Solid advice here. Log in to Reply.

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