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Chaucer: Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Series I- Noblest Characters

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Character Satire in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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Instead of paying close attention to them. For example, if the feedback given to learners in kindergarten should be credentialed see seth kahn every time you have not focused on a group of students attitudes and the formation of a passage, an article, you should have a different measure of deliberate repetition that at least as importantly, a conscious and systematic review. This knowledge of society made it possible to write the Canterbury Tales. He also got to know the works of Francesco Petrarca , who was an Italian poet and humanist and famous for the form of his sonnetts.

All of these works influenced those of Chaucer.

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  7. Between and he worked as Controller of the Customs of Hides, Skins and wools in the port of London, which was a most attractive position. After that he went to Kent, the county in which Canterbury is located and where he began writing the Canterbury Tales.

    After Chaucer had retired about he began working on the Canterbury Tales: his innovation was that he wanted to create an English poetry that would be accessible to everybody.

    Satire and Parody, Fabliau

    Until then most of literature was either written in French, the official language, or in Latin, the clerical language. Chaucer wrote his Canterbury Tales in Middle Enlish, which was what people spoke in and around London in his days. This vernacular language was also used by Dante and Boccaccio, who wrote in Italian vernacular. The Canterbury Tales are structured as a frame narrative. The General Prologue mainly builds the frame where all the characters are introduced and the story-telling competition was invented. Its structure is very simple.

    After an introduction in lines , the narrator begins the series of portraits lines Afterwards the Host. In the following the pilgrims gather and decide that the Knight should tell the first story.