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However, Sports are effective in keeping us upbeat and keeps us physically fit as well as mentally fit too. Sports keep all the religion a side and keep all together, so yes it also plays an important role in our society to gather different religious people in one place. In past, though there was not more awareness about sports because of very less interest given by government as well as by our society too. But now a days people are very active and government also arrange different types of tournaments for the students and for elders and at somehow they are trying to encourage them.

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Sports keep us active, punctual, healthy, alive and teaches us how to digest failure and victory in daily life. On the other hand, people who are argued that it just a free time activity that shows less awareness towards sports. Looking at the current scenario everyone is busy in their routine so sport might be a leisure activity for them or say free time activity results they are not physically and mentally fit and easily caught by diseases.

So as per my opinion sports must be a part of life, well say it must be your routine that make you to grow, to enhance your inner strength. Suggestion: each one Suggestion: In the past In past, though there was not more awareness ab Suggestion: nowadays But now a days people are very active and government a Transition Words or Phrases used: also, but, however, if, look, so, well, i feel, as well as, on the other hand.

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Sentence length: Over the last Canadian generation, men, women and children have played intensely in hockey at different levels and have emotionally watched the sport with tremendous amount of interest in the sport. Canadian players form many teams in the National Hockey League and overseas leagues…. Contribution of American to the Philippines 1. Independence - America helped the Philippines to eliminate the Spaniards in the country thus helping the Filipinos to end the suffering from the Spanish reign.

Essay about Influence of Sports on Society

This was the first step of the country to stand on their own and start a new beginning. Government -we adapted and patterned some of our constitution with the Americans'.


Furthermore, this includes broad areas such as, sport, religion, family…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

Importance of Sports in Our Life – Essay 1.

This paper will focus on two specific contributions: sports as a source of unification; and as a platform for minorities to press back against their subjugation through achievement. The sense of inclusion within a unified community is one of the unique contributions of sports, permitting them to penetrate life past a form of recreation and entertainment. The contribution of sports as a source of unification can be explained through the social identity theory. This theory states that there are two groups, an in group and an out group.

This relates to sports as the fans of one team view themselves as the in group and all other fans of other teams as the out groups. Social group is a set of individuals who hold a common social identification or view themselves as members of the same social category. Those who identify with each other are the in group and outsider are the out group. The process of becoming part of a group and developing the identity is self-categorization.

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Self-categorization of fan bases commonly connected to teams or athletes that are from a shared geographic region such as a neighborhood, city, or state. However, sports can also unify people who belong to a specific segment of society like race, ethnicity, or social status. Even though the focus of this project is looking at the period.

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