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However, a typewriter in her hip and deadly automatons are making normalcy rather impossible. You can buy the book on Amazon or read more details about the anthology and my story.

This short, religious story is a finalist in the Mormon Lit Blitz contest. This short story mixes Chinese and Edenic mythology, faith and healing, art and folklore, in the story of a man attempting to paint the tree of life for his dying son.

Why I Like My Community: 2012 Youth Essay Contest

This humorous essay about breastfeeding combines Aztec fire rituals, family history, and porcupine quills. It was one of the nonfiction winners in the Tempe Community Writing contest.

Shinto, Zen, and Japanese Furniture

My essay starts on page I also wrote a short blog post about this essay , if you want to learn more about the piece and the writing contest. This short story is about a girl, Ana Luiza, who has always been told her father is a river dolphin.

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This story won third place in the Meeting of the Myths contest. You can also read a blog post about the background of the story. This is a 5 minute presentation I gave to a crowd of over people at Ignite Phoenix video in the link. This personal essay explores what it means to be a writer, to want, to dream, to work, to fail, and sometimes even to succeed. This short play won 2nd place in the Mormon Lit Blitz contest. You can also read a blog post about 4 things including a Barenaked Ladies song that inspired the story.

Finding Place

Update: This play has now been translated to Spanish. One convinced me of the personal reality of the Savior and that what he most fundamentally requires of us is total consecration of our means, our time, and our talents in service to […]. Brigham, like Joseph, was born in Vermont. But in , when Brigham was only two, he was taken to a homestead about miles […]. When I […]. June I grew up in a safe valley. The years five through twelve, when we are most sensuously attached to the landscape and when, I think, the foundations of identity are firmly laid, I lived in gardens […].

No, my surprise was […].

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On the web you can also find me as Kathy Cowley. I now devote myself to writing fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and personal essays. Most of these stories and essays are available online—see my Short Publications page. I love European chocolate, the history of science, Jane Austen , and steampunk fashion.

Courage in the Face of Convention

I have lived in the United States, Brazil, and Finland. I currently reside in Arizona with my husband and two daughters. I always loved writing, and as a child I wrote some cool stories and some very random poems.

But no, I am not posting that unicorn poem I wrote when I was five. You will just have to imagine it. My English teacher, Lynn Krumvieda, would write dozens of notes on a single paragraph. It was a wake-up call that there was so I needed to learn about writing, and yet also amazing to see myself transform as a writer. I wrote a number of short screenplays and turned them into movies.