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Your concluding paragraph shows a continuing discussion of the prompt topic rather than a summarizing of the content of the previous paragraphs.

The summary of the discussion is the main focus of the concluding paragraph as this serves to act as an extension of the opening paraphrase, allowing you to now display an extended ability on your part to further restate the topic and give a shortened version of the cause and effect, with your closing sentence. When you continue the discussion, as you did in this essay, and include new information in the process, then you are not really concluding the essay.

As the word implies, a conclusion is an end to the discussion. Even if you said "In conclusion", if the actual presentation does not conclude the essay, the examiner will realize that and deduct points from your final score accordingly. You wrote a total of 4 paragraphs. However, the outline provided in the original prompt clearly has room for a 5 paragraph presentation. That is what you should have presented based upon the original prompt.

The original prompt dictates how many paragraphs you should present and that is always 5 paragraphs. They must feel it is worth the risk, but they are also setting an example for young people who want to play sports and who look up to them. In that sense, they are harming much more than themselves over the long run, which is worthy of consideration. Sociologically, strain theory A9 A9 Anything new that is introduced in the analysis should be cited. This theory is not common knowledge for many people, so it is very important that the reader understands what it involves and why it is relevant to the analysis.

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This theory was created by Emile Durkheim and advanced by many others who came after him. It states that social structures may pressure otherwise law-abiding citizens to commit crimes Agnew, Because of these pressures, those who choose to use steroids may overlook the serious nature of what they are doing and the damage that can be caused, along with some of the changes they undergo.

These changes may be much more obvious to others, such as teammates, friends, and family members. Steroids can cause sleeplessness, hallucinations, and anxiety, along with the aforementioned rage and organ damage.

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Not all of these problems will be reversible once the steroid use has stopped. Permanent damage to the players and to the reputation of the game is being done by those who continue to take performance enhancing drugs, but the pressure to do so may outweigh that information in the minds of the players who are making that particular choice. Not every player who takes performance enhancing drugs is likely doing so because of strain theory. There are other reasons why a person would make that choice. However, the reasons behind the choices made by these players may not be as important as the effects their choices are having.

Even without the concerns over their own health and safety, they should be aware of the reputation that the game of baseball is getting. In turn, that can affect not only ticket sales and profit margins, but also the way young people look at the game and the athletes they idolize. Up and coming baseball players in high school and college may already begin to feel the pressure to take illegal substances to enhance their performance, which can have serious long-term consequences for them.

Many players are in good shape through their younger years, but as they get older they will face a significant number of health problems based on their past use of banned substances like steroids. By that time, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage. Additionally, some good athletes who would have done well in the sport may decide not to play it because they do not want the pressure to take these drugs.

That could cause baseball teams to lose out on excellent talent, which is worth considering. Overall, though, it does not appear that baseball is doing enough to curb steroid use in its players, even after the Mitchell Report and the changes that were made in the wake of it. Each year, there are still players being suspended for illegal drugs that will enhance their performance on the field. Baseball is a sport that many Americans love to play and love to watch.

It has been the national pastime for a number of years, and is part of what often first comes to mind when people are asked about what they consider to be "American.

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It has also affected the people who may have wanted to play the sport at some point in their lives, because they may end up feeling as though they have to choose between a life of illegal substance use and a life without playing the game they love. Between the health risks of taking steroids, the reputation damage that is being done to the sport of baseball, and the harm that could be done by encouraging young people to abuse performance enhancing drugs to get into playing baseball professionally, there are important issues that can and should be addressed to make the sport "cleaner" for everyone involved.

Other citation styles use other terminology.

All of the sources on this reference page are in APA style. Agnew, R. Foundation for a general strain theory. Criminology 30 1 , Diacin, M.

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