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The first one is the background music with the clips and the second is the instrumental soundtrack. We removed all unwanted audio from the clips and only left the necessary ones, such as that of the alarm, keys and people talking in the lift. We also made use of the fade out transition to stitch a few scenes together. The titles for the film were created here, with appropriate font color and size.

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This was the last part of editing, converting the thumbnails to a proper video. The opening scene of our short film was the girl waking up to the sound of the alarm clock. It was a mid shot Mishall took by placing the camera on the side table in such an angle as to emphasize on my face and the alarm clock.

The next is a low shot of her getting off the bed and wearing her slippers, followed by her entering the washroom and coming out dressed up in my work clothes camera was placed on the tripod stand.

David Costa - A Level Media Coursework

She then picks up her files and mobile off the side table, after which comes the kitchen scene where we have applied the depth of field concept. The camera was placed on the counter in such an angle that the coffee mug and keys were the objects in focus while the rest of the surrounding are blurred out. She walk into the scene, picks up the mug and the car keys and leaves. Then comes the elevator scene, the camera was placed on a tripod stand inside the elevator to show me entering the lift. Followed by this, the next scene with the camera placed outside the elevator showing my colleges and I leave the lift.

The camera was placed behind the character, to make sure both, the character and that boss, will be in the frame. The props were all set in such a way as to make the room look like a proper working area. The last scene is similar to the first one, but in this the character is going to bed after a long, exhausting day.

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These were the day 1 scenes. This sequence of scenes was repeated twice to depict the routine of the character, but with different clothes and other slight variations being made. Towards the end the characters face and body language starts showing signs of fatigue and exhaustion. This was further depicted in a more ingenious manner in the fast forward scenes, where it clearly shows how as the days pass by the character starts suffering from exhaustion notice the circles around her eyes getting darker by every passing day. Story boarding comes under pre-production, and is a very easy low-cost method of planning out and illustrating the scenes on a hard copy before actually shooting them.

The following is the story board of my film:. I was the casting director for our short-film. We set aside a budget for the film which was decided by all the members of the group together and it was AED , as each member contributed AED We used it to purchase the tripod stand, all the props, costumes, and make up. It is meant to appeal an audience of all ages, especially the working population that have gone through or can relate to similar experiences as depicted in the film. So basically, the movie is about the life of a working lady, shows her daily routine, how all that work load stress her out and towards the end she decides to bring it to an end by suiciding.

My group members and I decided to watch other videos with a similar genre as that of ours to get some idea of the shots, angles and music to be used for filming our short film. The videos are as follows:. This video gave us an idea of how to shoot the film, the camera movement and angles that can be used to depict the story of our short film.


Being the lead actor, this video particularly gave me an idea regarding the kind of character I have to revolve into, the makeup techniques to be used dark circles around eyes to give an exhausted look and the sort of emotions I have to depict. The cameras we are using do not have the best quality microphones on them so any SFX we use we might have to record seperate and then extract the sound, this would also help in the outdoor scene as wind or rain could overwhelm any dialogue or intended SFX.

If we were to fully create our film we would aim for a 15 age certificate as this would catch a higher amount of the teenage audience than an 18 certificate and any young adults would not view a 15 certificate as childish and not worth the visit. The teenage audience, research has found is one of if not the biggest audience for Horror films and it has become the main priority of production companies in recent times to target. This perhaps explains the influx of explicit material in Horror as this is believed to catch a teenagers attention.

Ethnicity would not be an issue when contemplating a target audience as our film portrays no particular religion or race. This allows our target audience to be both broad within the genre but also fairly specific in mainstream movie goers. We had researched in detail, topics we felt were essential when creating not just a horror film but any short film in general.

These included the target audience for the horror genre as well as audience expectations, both traditional and contemporary. As fans of the genre we had a good idea of the basics but further research was needed to find traditional and classic examples of this for contrast. Once we had agreed on a basic outline for the plot, setting and convention of horror film we set about creating initial storyboards;. I feel we managed to include everything we wanted to in our pitch but did notice we forgot to mention a shooting schedule for the film, so;.

Although this is not final, the film will star Jack Baggott and Thomas Bamford as the Killer and Victim respectively with Myself and Jeffrey Horsely working as the crew. This was our initial task to demonstrate a few basic Film-making techniques we had been set to achieve. We used this technique a few times in our film with different actions such as the passing of a newspaper. We used this technique during two conversations in the film.

It requires the film-maker to imagine an invisible line on one side of the characters and the camera should not cross it otherwise it confuses and disorientates the viewer as the characters appear to be on the same side as each other, and while a viewer adjusts to this they could miss vital dialogue. We chose to follow the crime genre for our film but because of the short running time and little dialogue we had to get this across using phrases in the script, hoping the viewer would pick up on this and realise.

During the editing process we felt music was needed to create an atmosphere in the film but we could not use copyrighted music. We also created some initial rough storyboards so we could visualise as a group what we wanted to create but we did not feel the need to create too much detail because as a group we had already discussed and agreed what we wanted to achieve;. Reservoir Dogs.

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The story of a group of criminals trying to pull off the perfect heist is famous for its fast witty dialogue, stellar cast and a clever twist on the genre in that the majority of the film is set during the aftermath of the heist and very little of the actual robbery is seen. This is one of my favorite films because when I first saw it I remember it being such an original and unique film compared to anything I had seen previously.

Ally, Official Trailer (2018) - A Level Media Studies Coursework, Unit 3

Instead of discussing the heist or introducing the characters they embark on long discussions over trivial and often surreal topics such as tipping at a restaurant. The way this is done surprises you with how gripping the scene is and is an electric pre credit opening sequence to the film. It is arguable that Reservoir Dogs would not be the film it is without its terrific ensemble cast and this may well be true with every character delivering career defining performances.

The majority of the film is set in a abandoned warehouse with members of the group returning to the rendezvous throughout the film after it has gone wrong. When the cops are waiting at the scene of the robbery bullets fly, and they begin to suspect one of them in an undercover cop. The camera work in Reservoir Dogs seems rather ordinary when compared to Quentin Tarantinos later films but it is still quite impressive.

The use of inventive angles helps create various iconic shots throughout the film. The violence in the film has been exaggerated over time and has contributed to Quentin Tarantinos films being labeled as glorifying violence.

onadinev.tk Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Blog Info Diary Evaluation. Final Cut. Horror Research. The Genre. As a group we analysed openings to three distinctly different horror films. Horror Pitch. Once we had agreed on a basic outline for the plot, setting and convention of horror film we set about creating initial storyboards; 1.

Apologies for the low quality, this was due to compression issues. The Script was mostly improvised but we did create an initial script for dialogue; Jones: Mckenzie I need a word with you. Mckenzie: What is it sir?

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Jones: In my office, its not safe here. In office Jones: Have a seat. Mckenzie: Will do. Sigh Jones: Have you seen the newspaper. Mckenzie: whisper Bollocks.